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Thread: Xbox Live

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    I was jus wonderin if any of u have got xbox live and when u set it up first, did it start working no problem??(also do u like it)

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    worked perfect for me and yep it kicks ass! once you do xbox live then you wont play other consoles online at all

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    What about anybody else...

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    I was a beta tester and even then it was smooth as silk. And it is totally awesome to play with no lag. Set up was a breeze even behind a firewall.


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    yeah its great fun!!!
    i love xbox live

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    do u tlk 2 ppl wen u play the games??

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    Originally posted by olibomb@19 August 2003 - 19:31
    do u tlk 2 ppl wen u play the games??
    yeah all the time

    i love dissing people after i shoot them in the face on Unreal Chamipionship or after i kick there ass in a race in Midnight Club 2


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