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Thread: Fast Hosting-ie server for resell (offer)

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    I have a Hosting-ie server that I am willing to re-sell to someone for 1 month for a cheap price.

    The server is the Dedic Raptor Pro Lin 577 from the page below.

    I have upgraded the ram to 2gb.

    Server Specs:
    Intel Core2 Duo 2x2,0
    2x160 GB of HDD disk
    2 GB of RAM (Upgraded from the standard 1gb)
    Traffic-Unlimited (guaranteed)
    100Mbit Switch Port
    Managed firewall
    Windows Server 2003

    I am willing to re-sell this server for 1 month for $110
    This is a very good price, since for the first month I paid $258.94 for setup and upgrade fees.

    You can hit 11MB/s up and 11MB/s down very easily and the server is very fast. Last month I did 12TB on it.

    Just add me to msn messenger if you are interested. Thanks.

    msn messenger id: or just pm me.
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    <span style='color:blue'><span style='font-family:Arial'>Msi ms-6330
    Amd Athlon at 1ghz
    896mb Ram pc-133
    Seagate 80gb 7,200 rpm
    Nvidia Geforce MX 420
    21 inch screen
    MSI 52X32X52 CD-RW (cr52-m)
    SoundBlaster 5.1 mp3+
    Creative Labs 5.1 Speakers
    Xp Pro Sp1</span></span>

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    i can get ovh cheaper

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    sure you can giving them verify your address )
    then pray that no one catches you))


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