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Thread: Setting up a proxy?

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    Ok with all this crap about UK ISPs stamping down on piracy, I figured it's finally time to do what I was going to do a couple of months ago...

    I have a seedbox, so my ISP wont notice me torrenting what so ever. However when it comes to music, torrents are only good if you want albums. For single tracks I tend to use FrostWire or Ares, but obviously these will stick out like a sore thumb to the ISP.

    What I want to do is set up a proxy on my seedbox (which is running ubuntu) so that I can enter the proxy details in frost/ares and make them connect through it. I have seen loads of guides on the internet but they all seem to involve SSH tunnelling... now I'm not sure if its just me being retarded, but I can't get it working at all.

    Anyone know of any decent guides, or have any tips?
    Thanks in advance!

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    use encrypted usenet and walk away from p2p or ive heard of something called "your freedom + sockscap"

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    SSH tunneling is easy, I'm guessing you are using Windows as your home OS?

    If Linux is running on your home machine as well its as simple as

    # ssh -D 8080 -p 22

    To explain, -D tells the local ssh to setup a proxy on port 8080. username is the ssh login name of the server your connecting too, -p 22 is the port of the remote ssh server.

    Once that's done, in your applications select SOCKET5 proxy, hostname: localhost, port: 8080. leave username and passwords blank!

    On Windows, you'd have to use putty. Never used it myself, but its almost the same to setup and use.
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