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Thread: A Good Mp3 Libary? Like Mpeg Libary?

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    Im in need of a good mp3 Libary. Just to play mp3z, when i do not feel like sharing! Like (excuse my words on this forum ) the libary from WinMX, nothing extra, just a catogarized list of my mp3 whom i can access offline!

    i used to have "MPEG Libary" but i cant find it no more!

    Any ideas?


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    just open kazaa and hit disconnect

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    media jukebox is a really good program that lets you search thourh your mp3's and has a one button import from folders

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    what do I put here? BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    whilst Orange is amazing, it isn't yet possible to play albums, so its probably not for you really (though this will be added soon)

    Personally, Id just pick winAmp 2.81, and have all your mp3s organised into folders


    then just right click, play when you want

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