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Thread: 28 Days Later Dvd Rip Corrupted

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    I d/l the 28 days later dvd rip. When I get to the end where jim and selena are in the house just after they kill all the soldiers and their kissing, the frame gets all blocky and what not and freezes while the audio keeps going. I can't even fast forward past this part.
    1) did this happen to anyone else, if so, then it's probably the file
    2) want to try to use the KCF but I can figure out how to get a dat file from a completed file. If someone could help me out, it be greatly appreciated. I'm on dial-up, so another 50hr download of the same movie is kinda out of the question.

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    sorry look slike it corrupted hav to re download it again hapened to me once before

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    if you have the XviD version, get virtualdub_mp3 freeze or nandub (they deal with the XviD codec...) up the file, and choose to scan for freezes...a log will be created giving the bad frames...using the edit functions in virtualdub, first delete the latter set of bad frames, then the first set...set the video and audio to "direct stream copy", and then save the .avi (make sure you choose a different filename/directory& make sure, rescan the a note, I usually delete 1 frame before and after what the log gives...

    My version had two sets of bad frames....and I believe it is from the source, as the mpeg2 version has an unrecoverable error in the second disc (I have downloaded it three times, and all were the same...)...

    If you are after the mpeg2 version, I would suggest giving it up and getting the XviD version!

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    Originally posted by Hogster@19 August 2003 - 03:23
    sorry look slike it corrupted hav to re download it again hapened to me once before

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    I know nothing about computers, so keep that in mind.

    Try a different viewer, like DivX 2.0, rather than WMP. Sometimes simple things like this work.

    I have the movie in my library and it works just fine.
    Aren't we in the trust tree, thingey?

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    I have the same problem. The movie freezes like that at 58 minutes. I just skip the couple of corrupted seconds and continue watching the movie.

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    yeah, I got the xvid version. I tried using Nan Dub but it's exactly like virtual dub but it didn't have the scan for errors. I used Virtual Dub to scan for errors and it shows me I have this many bad frames but doesn't tell me which ones. So when I try to go and delete the frame I think it is, Virtual Dub crashes. So, then I went to use Tmpgenc, but that crashes when I get to that frame.
    Note, it does freeze earlier in the movie, whem they take Jim to execute him, but I can get around that one. This, error comes where I said in my first post. If anyone could help me out, I'd really appreciate it.

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    Sorry, didn't see this topic until just now.

    justin89, to get the .dat file you need, all you have to do is search for '28 days later', double click the file you have when you find it, pause it in the traffic tab, and then browse for the .dat that was just created in KCF. You just need to get a new .dat, that's all.
    Don't forget that there's plenty of info about using KCF on the site, too.
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