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Thread: Windows Failed To Update

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    Ok it happended in these few days my windows xp corp pro just can't update anymore, here is the problem, everytime when i went "tools>windows update", and scanned for update, and done all my update selections, as i clicked on "install updates", a program installer popped up as usual but then it went away very quickly after a few sec and a few messgaes appearred on my update website as following:

    No Updates Were Installed

    The following items failed to install. To try installing them again, click Review and install updates, and then click Install Now again.

    818529: June 2003, Cumulative Patch for Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1
    330994: April 2003, Security Update for Outlook Express 6 SP1
    Q817287: Critical Update (Catalog Database Corruption in Microsoft Windows XP)
    814033: Critical Update
    Security Update for Windows XP (329834)
    810565: Critical Update
    810833: Security Update (Windows XP)

    View installation history

    see all these are my selected updates but none worked, i even tried to break them down by updating a random single patch at a time but still it came back to this error, what would be the reason for this to happend? This is so weak, can any one give me some suggestions? I really dont want to format my computer again it's too much work , thanks

    edit: by the way, one more thing, do you think it's wise to update my office xp pro?? i saw a number of patches available but they have a security warning saying if my office xp is aquired from illegal source it may cause application faillure or something, are they for real or just playing chicken? lol

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    Never heard of the microsoft download center?

    You have all the filenames....

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    i had the same and with me it was the ms blast virus. Remove it with the tool and you can update again (look for the tool at the norton site)

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    I had the same thought when I read that on the MS Office XP update site, but i've installed SP2 and the other updates, and my copy of Office XP works fine. Looks like they are just 'playing chicken'!


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