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Thread: Blink 182 Or Sum41?

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    Jul 2003
    Who's better? I think they are both cool.
    Changed SPAN settings in sig a YEAR after it was removed

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    Dec 2002
    anything mainstream or shown on MTV is crap.

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    BigBank_Hank's Avatar Move It On Over
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    I had had to listen to any one I would vote to turn the radio off.

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    both bands have the occasional catchy tune. I listen to Blink more than Sum 41, but even then that ain't too often. A few years ago i liked Blink a lot, but i tend to like stuff with a harder edge these days, Still worth a listen though, and i'll get the new album when it comes out to see what's changed.

    Blink have been labelled sell-outs for years, which is something i don't care about personalky, i just like music, don't care if some little punk-kid thinks mtv stole a band that only he/she knew about. I do care if a band's music gets shitty though, and it seems to be heading that way a little, although I actually enjoyed TOYPAJ pretty much, but i think they should leave out the shit jokes etc.

    As for Sum-41, they have the odd good song.

    Neither band will ever have respect, but they're pop-punk outfits, so they're not exactly in the right genre to get any. A lot of people will flame you for liking Blink-182 or Sum-41, the same way they did to the guys and girls that like Linkin Park (ie - if you sell more than a few million albums you are automatically bad), but i say if you enjoy it, then that's exactly what you should do. You should only worry if you're pretending to like stuff because your friends like it, or hiding the fact that you like something because your friends don't like it.

    edit* while i wrote this, this guy above came up with this gem.

    anything mainstream or shown on MTV is crap.
    quite possibly the stupidest thing i've ever heard. i've wrote a lot of posts on this kinda thing before. here is a cut-down version.

    Stuff on MTV and the "mainstream"

    Generally processed music, but some of it is still good. Some of it is so popular because people actually like it, rather than it being marketed to a certain age-group etc. Sadly, lots of stuff like Pop Idol etc give us these terrible fabricated bands and artists.

    Basically - although a lot of it is, it's impossible to say "it's all crap".

    Undeground, or at least, less well known music

    A lot of excellent bands will never hit the big time, and so travel around doing lots of shows pleasing their hardcore groups of fans, but never manage to breakthrough (maybe because they don't want to) to the "mainstream" - so they struggle on a tour allowance, bands in this country can expect 100 - 150 a week, less than you can make in McDonalds.

    Then again a lot of lesser known bands stay that way because they are utter crap.

    Being one of the few people to know a band exists doesn't automatically make them good.


    Like what you wanna like, not what MTV or your friends tell you that you should. Try and listen to music from as many different bands/artists as possible, and give things a chance to grow on you. To dismiss a whole section of music like n18 does is crazy, and you miss out on some good music that way. even if it isn't what would be classed as "good" music, if you genuinely enjoy it, then whats the problem.

    The End.

    second edit* lol, this is n18's post from back in July.

    Posted on: 11 July 2003 - 16:28

    Trustcompany - The Lonely Position Of Neutral

    not popular?

    Whatever MTV plays gets a nice boost, and the single "Downfall" was on MTV for a few months...

    And i seen those guys live! they rule, and that had Pacifier opening for them...

    Thats wow a great show!

    Bit contradictory to what he said earlier. This was actually his last post before the one today.

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    old school
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    This might sound like "They were cool before they got mainstream"
    But two eariler albums from Blink 182 were very good and somewhat funny.

    Dude Ranch

    Cheshire Cat

    and the first Sum 41 CD is the only one I'll stand behind

    Half Hour of Power

    otherwise they start sounding bland

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    Jayhawk's Avatar Rock Chalk Jayhawk BT Rep: +5
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    i would have to say Blink 182

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    I listen to both a lot...but sum41 has that more agressive feel to their music which i like...and well blink 182 are funny as all hell and thats what i like aswell...i don't care about mainstream and i don't care about whether or not they are popular...they make music i like and thats all that matters

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    Sum41 fo me.

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    I'd have 2 say neither

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    SUM 41 theyre canadian and canadians fucking rule

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