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Thread: 10mbit seedboxes?

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    I dont really have a lot of money to spend on this thing,
    So I thought that if a 10mbit seedbox exist, I guess it would be cheap, right?
    Any one here know a good 10mbit seedbox supplier?
    I dont need to buffer.. mostly i will put it to dl and then ill dl through the FTP..

    or maybe a cheap vps?
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    how cheap are we talking cause leaseweb has 2000 bandwith and 100mbit for 29. that is a decent server if know how to run nix.

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    Might want to take a look at hosting-ie.

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    don't know where
    nope 10mbit servers not cheap :S
    you can look at leasewb 10mbit servers they ideal for hosting not for seedbox
    if you want cheap box you shoul look ovk kimsufi nearly 25 euro dedicated servers and leasewb express series or you can find vps same money keyweb and hosting ie is alternative if you ask me you should rent Ovh if they cant direct rent to you .You need a reseller so you can rent with ext


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