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Thread: Midnight Club 2 Overburn

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    cd 1 808mbs
    cd 2 768mbs

    cue files i have... how the hell do i overburn this? lol

    my 700mbs cds only overburn up to like 704mbs... any programs? or such... or do i have to split (zip) it to like 600mbs...

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    Just use Blindwrite,it worked fine for me with both discs.

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    blindwrite works?... well i didnt bother to try anything cept nero... i was thinking of using winrar n zippin it but then it takes an hr.. so i was like nevermind... then i thought or uharc... now i'll try blindwrite

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    Yes it works a treat for all image files.

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    lol but it only copied like 703mbs? how come it still works? i need some explaining...

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    From this point forward do not look at the amount of hard drive space a bin takes up. They are created from Cd's therfore the contents of the bin wil only be the CD. There are nemerous explanations for why they are bigger, windows recognition of file sizes and a couple of others that I cannot remember.

    Bottom line is that the size of the bin file does not matter at all. It will fit unles the person who made added files to it. (the crack file, in the case of mindihgt club) This may put it over but rarlet does.

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    ahh yea it worked...n the crack worked... but im thinkin its my video card making the graphics not fully appear..

    i got an ati radeon all in wonder 9000 pro... n i dont think it can support 9.0a direct x... im missing graphics anyone else have this prob?

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    Originally posted by Soul814@19 August 2003 - 16:06
    my 700mbs cds only overburn up to like 704mbs...
    uuuuuuuuuuh....thats not overburned....the advertised storage space is 700mb but 704 is like the actual storage...

    a cd can be overburned to around 807mbs....around that....who knows...

    all iknow is that i got my mc2 cuz i copied it on-the-fly from a friend using problems...


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    I had the same problem, and i tried every way possible to burn it to no avail....the answer is.

    The idiot who made the BINs put the NO CD crack on the "cd 1 808mbs" and not on CD 2 as he should have , since CD 2 has more room.

    Just remove (not extract) the No CD crack from CD 1 with UltraISO and you will be under 700MB

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    umm well mine installs and then i used the crack to play it... it is like 700mbs but why else would it install fully if there was missin files?


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