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Thread: hiding under the radar

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    An obvious advantage of a seedbox is of course the speed, but is it also a better way to stay hidden from the anti-paracy organizations.
    When you use a seedbox you get your home IP out of the torrent-swarm, but instead your seedbox IP gets into the swarm, and it also has your name on it right?

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    Also if you DL a file to seedbox, then FTP it home, it won't appear as p2p activity and they probably won't care

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    If the anti-piracy organizations try and raid the datacentre's where all these seedboxes are located, it could potentially be worse couldn't it? Considering when you sign up for a dedicated server, you are giving your credit/debit card details along with your name, phone and address. That's the situation i go over in my head when thinking of purchasing from companies like OVH, because they are so popular, eventually the bad guys are going to come knocking.


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