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Thread: Advice needed on finding music

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    For the past few days, I’ve been searching for a Swedish pop song by Niklas Strömstedt called "Färja Ut I Rymden". Unfortunately I'm not sure if I know how to look for it. I tried using limewire but it didn’t give good results. I tried emule, but it seems like most of the servers are down right now. I tried using soulseek for the first time and though I was able to figure out some of the features like “Wish List”, I couldn’t find that particular song. I’ve tried a few popular torrent sites and was happy that someone was nice enough to upload Strömstedt's latest album on TPB, but this album doesn’t have the song I was looking for on it.

    I even got a little desperate and attempted to buy the mp3 from a Danish and Swedish music site but couldn’t do so because according to both sites, purchasing downloads are only allowed within their respected countries (I live in the United States).

    Since I haven’t been keeping up with the latest in P2P for like 3-4 years I'm probably behind in the times somewhat. For what I'm currently looking for, I’m not sure where I should go or what program would be best to use. Anyone have any ideas on how I should go about finding this song? Any advice would be most appreciated.
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