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Thread: Music Editor

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    Does anyone know a good program that lets you edit music?

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    finale for midi/instrumental like music ( )
    sound forge ( )
    Cool Edit (which is now Adobe audition: )

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    For Multitrack Audio and Midi: Cubase SX v. (thats what im using nowadays)

    Editing Wav or Mp3's (it will convert it to wav before editing) Wavelab 4c (not just encodind, im talkin bout Editing here)

    There's tons of other good apps too, with a lil different interface wtc.
    Logik Audio, Cakewalk/Sonar, Fruity Loops (works like DX-plugin too..)

    You need to define the question: "What exactly im gonna be doing with music?" and get the
    required hardware/software compination when you know the answer.

    The more you want quality out of recordings etc, the more it will cost, (hardware-wise )

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