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Thread: Why New Trackers Are Worthless And More Importantly Dangerous

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    With the recent influx of new trackers, I decided to let the general public know why these are such threats to the people who create them and the users who dedicate their time to them.

    First of all what is the motive behind a new tracker? Most will say profits, but nearly all trackers are in the negative, and to start a tracker for pure profit without looking at the ones in existence already is foolish. I really think it has to be because of glory or to step up the torrent "e-penis" ladder. Recently, Ipwn was shutdown because, from what I have read and heard, the Sysop promoted a widely known user named "becs" to sysop to obtain invites, becs refused to invite him and he shut down the tracker and a lot of people got screwed of their bandwith and time. Ipwn looked terrible to begin with, we already have 2 preexisting trackers that are both rebutable and abundant in music. I really dont understand what you can accomplish by making a tracker. You will lose money, time, and more importantly respect. Do you really think you will earn glory by making a stupid tracker? Come'on....
    Second, New trackers have become nothing but cool little name trackers. Tracker like iFi hook you in because your curiosity lures you since its a super duper secret site. With such a small userbase its nearly impossible to stay alive much less compete with other community orientated trackers. Again, why it was started up is beyond me, i cant speak for iFi since i haven't seen the inside of it or know anybody who uses it. What actually makes me mad is the amount of users that obliviously persue these sites. Are you dumb? A three letter symbol and a hint of secretive nature is all it takes for the invite section to come crashing down with requests and worst of all trades
    Thirdly, you may be asking how this actually effects you. You spend time and bandwith, obviously, which equate to money. But what really is scary is the people who run these new trackers HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE DOING. Having a tracker is like having a baby, you need to constantly keep it up and fix issues. These guys have no idea what they are doing, their codes are incredibly flaw. They have more holes then orficies of the human species combined. Before I join any site a obtain a copy of the code of the tracker itself, its east to do this, right click webpage > View Source. Then i usually ask questions if I can, then see what type of reputation it has. The only secure site that I have seen in writing for myself is FTN, i actually just joined and instantly saw that the coder has well taught. I don't want to get into how you can tell, but just purely off rep you know that a tracker is secure. Another tracker that I know is secure just cause ive seen the code, haven;t been on it, is FSC. FSC is probably the most secure site tracker orientated. Whoever their coder is, hes doing a good job at what hes suppose to do, keeping his site and users safe. New Trackers don't even have their user database encrypted, which means you are f'ed if someone with any general knowledge of computers decides to screw a tracker over. Case-point Bit-hdtv, those morons let the user id and passwords of a majority of their users be leaked ON THEIR IRC. Even after that meltdown, people still continue to use it and/or join even less secure sites. I wouldn't even leech off more then 3/4 of the sites because of flaws. Most new trackers run ON WINDOWS SERVERS. Again, this is really dumb, i dont even want to get into details. Google is your friend here.
    I dont even see why joining a new tracker is tempting, you lose both ways. You can't win unless they lock up invites for 5 years and the level rises. I get a hench thats why users are still join new trackers. Every conceivable idea for trackers is nearly taken, if you are offering the same crap everyone else is but with a different design, you fail.

    * Dont run Windows Server
    * Your going to take losses, so brace
    * Be original, no more general 0day trackers
    * Stop naming your tracker retard names, freeleech4u? lol......
    * For the love of god have some idea how to code before you open up your doors
    * Dont try to be l33t
    * Ask your friends, if you have any, if they would be interested in joining before you boot up, you'll get a good idea if your tracker would be desirable or not

    Anyway, that just sums up my views on new trackers but what do i know i only have 14 posts(i think) :/, thanks for reading

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    Nice post 1080p
    Couple of other points I think people should now is that you need plenty of experience as staff before even thinking about opening a tracker.
    I think you need at least 3 months costs to cover the site when you open up as a minimum or it is not gonna last even that long.
    Names is a good issue as well, I would not use any of the following words torrent, leech, seed I would sooner see names like the mutznootz or beesknees than No1torrents
    Not looking for anything
    There are 10 kinds of people who know binary. Those who do, and those who don't.

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    mutznootz a torrent site, or a fetish site

    we may never know

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    Polarbear's Avatar deep funk BT Rep: +5
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    behind the turntables
    it's nice to see new members who have the ability to contribute with quality posts once in a while. thanks for your statment. no news, but well reflected. keep it up!

    welcome to fst.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1080p View Post
    mutznootz a torrent site, or a fetish site

    we may never know
    A fetish torrent site could be on the cards
    Not looking for anything
    There are 10 kinds of people who know binary. Those who do, and those who don't.

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    Well written, well thought exposÚ, but you should work some more with spaces, makes reading more easily.

    Some things I'd like to add:

    - When saying some trackers are unsecure and leak their PW's...that is easily overcome by using a different PW at every single tracker you are a member from.

    - I doubt the user you mention from **C really liked that. Moreover I don't think **C likes any publicity at all, and not only their URL.

    - The ones persuing all these new trackers are not the smartest sheap in the shed imho. I honestly can't see, when having a normal 'real' life you have time to be active on more than let's say 5 trackers ... and still people want to join more 'new' l33t trackers. Imho that is because they don't have access to the socalled 'high level' trackers and are interested by the appeal to be part of some new potentially high level secret tracker.

    - A lot of members (not all) that are part of these high-level trackers tend to show off with it ... just look at the amount of users that are having/had a userbar in their signature. Some do it to showoff, some might be actually proud being a part of this or that community, but if you use some common sense you should not reveal what tracker you are part of like that.
    A nice, little and most of all secure tracker is partly achieved by remaining in the shadows. Maybe it is time some members of these 'elite' trackers understood that.

    - The biggest BT-problem is that BT has become a medium for the masses ... that can never be really good, looking at the overwhelming amount of retards our 'real-life' society counts.

    Anyway ... welcome 1080p
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    Can you feel the LOVE

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    nice post dude , and thanks for your statement

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    nice post
    how many new trackers we will have today?
    4-5? 10? lol
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    I also want to congratulate you on your post 1080p, your views are well thought out and presented, I agree with the warnings about new tracker fever, but then the mad rush for XYZ tracker is usually the province of the
    collectors, just to have something that others have only heard about, no matter how badly coded, what daft rip-off template is used, or the quality
    of the material on the tracker.
    But then you can say just use what you need till you are blue in the face there are still many users out there with 30-40 tracker a/c's, so there will
    always be the hunger for the next greatest thing, and as long as you can use
    the words 'secret', 'elite', only a small select userbase blah blah blah blah, there will always be those clamoring to be first in the queue, such is life but thank you for your thoughts on why you should look at joining a new tracker, maybe it will make some step back and think ?

    One last thing:
    Quote Originally Posted by Duckater
    Names is a good issue as well, I would not use any of the following words torrent, leech, seed I would sooner see names like the mutznootz or beesknees
    so TL is doubly screwed ?


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    Nice job, dude
    Imaginary reps to you!!

    Quote Originally Posted by 1080p View Post
    * Ask your friends, if you have any, if they would be interested in...
    I lol`d

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