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Thread: Nintendo Sues Over R4 Cartridges

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    Nintendo has reportedly filed a lawsuit in a Tokyo District court against 5 separate Japanese games companies, which they hope will prevent the sale of R4 cartridges and other similar accessories that allow users to pirate Nintendo DS software.

    The R4 allows for the (admittedly legally dubious) practice of dumping bundles of games to a single cartridge, but it also enables homebrew gaming on the DS, which the Japanese company claims is costing them a considerable amount in revenue.

    Nintendo isn’t the only company that wants to see R4 cards off the shelves. The DS manufacturer may be leading the lawsuit but there’s 54 other DS Developers that have jumped on the back of Nintendo’s bandwagon, some of the more notable being Capcom, Sega, Bandai Namco Games, Square Enix, Taito, Hudson and The Pokémon Company.

    R4 cartridges are something that have been around for quite a while and Nintendo allegedly claims that up to 90-percent of people could be using these kinds of accessories to play pirated games on their DS.

    Details of the lawsuit are not yet available and so, it is unclear how much Nintendo is asking for but we’re willing to bet the company will be asking for a lot, especially if they can prove that figure of 90-percent.

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    Good thing I have a CycloDS Evolution I just bought it, too.

    Hope the R4 doesn't lose, a loss may make some other flashcart companies think about shutting down to avoid legal trouble.

    I am a exsellent speller and I use grammer very good.

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    I spent the whole of yesterday playing Scummvm on my DS, using completely legal software and completely legal versions of games on my R4.
    Why should I have to stop doing this because Nintendo are spitting their dummies?
    There are homebrew programmers out there who are matching and exceeding the quality of DS game that is being commercially produced.
    There are hundreds of substandard games being released on the DS, and the R4 is the perfect way to play them for 5 minutes before realising they are rubbish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by respawn40 View Post
    Good thing I have a CycloDS Evolution I just bought it, too.

    Hope the R4 doesn't lose, a loss may make some other flashcart companies think about shutting down to avoid legal trouble.
    I've also got the Evo. Plus a SCDS1, R4, G6 Real, DS-Linker, and a bunch of slot 2 carts. So what I'm trying to say is I don't really see why Nintendo is going after only the R4 team.

    Especially since the R4 pretty much sucks now(due to the lack of support from the R4 team, most new roms need an arm7 fix before they will play or save properly on the R4, plus the cart is way behind on features), and just can't be selling as well nowadays. I know this cart was popular as hell maybe a year ago, and was the number one selling slot 1 cart. But that isn't the case now. There are much popular, and better selling flashcarts out there right now that they could be targeting.

    Ah well, I really doubt this is going to scare off developers like the Supercard team, EZ Flash team, or the M3/G6 team, that pretty much created the GBA/DS flashcart scene. So I'm sure new firmware releases and new flashcarts will keep on coming.


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