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Thread: Sound Problems

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    i recently wiped my c drive(have a secondary d with all my stuff on it), and i tried playing some media files, and my volume was down quite a bit, then i go to volume control, the volume slide is down at the bottom, i turn it up and get sound for a sec then it goes back down. i open the vc again after closing it, and the slide was down again. please advise

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    can anybody help me? its pointless to download media, or watch media in genral, if i cant hear a thing!

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    Basically another multimedia application has direct control over audio on your machine. For example if I move the volume slider in Winamp, the slider in the mixer moves. This application could be constantly overiding volume settings, try updating audio drivers...

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    reinstall ur sound drivers, samething happened to me. there was probably some type of currption.


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