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Thread: Playstation 2 Internet

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    I have a Motorola SURFBoard Cable Modem and it has usb output, I was wondering if PS2 reconizes use USB internet connections. Someone tell me please.

    Edit: Sorry, I did't know where to post this! Good Job mods, keep up the good work!

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    wrong place to post but yes you should be able to use a SURFBoard Cable Modem

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    hmm, im not sure if u could use that to play games online...

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    you would need a cat5 connection off the cable modem, to plug into the network card of the ps2

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    A PS2 does have a few USB connections but I'm not sure whether they're 1.0/1.1/2.0 .

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    Forgive me if I am wrong I know little about the PS2, but even if it does have USB ports it is not gonna be able to load drivers for it. (we have a hard enough time getting them in on a pc)

    All motorolla SB's have a ethenet connection aswell (all that I have seen anyway, which is most I would beleive.) I fyou are talking about having it hooked to your comp through ethernet and to your PS2 via usb most SB's do not support that, only the 5100.

    If you do do have a modem that only has USB call our ISP. If you wanna hook up both at the same time ask for either an RCA or SB 5100 ( the 5100 is really a router/modem)

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    Yes, the ps2 has some usb connections but they aren't related to the network adapter. If you do not have network adapter you cannot play online, that would ruin the whole purpose for it in the first place. I mean if everyone just had same idea as you and it worked then no one would pay for the network adapter. I think you are limited to cat5 ethernet or phone line connection through the network adapter to go online.


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