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Thread: the perfect pc fpr torrents/filesharing

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    hey i will buy myself a new pc can u give some tips what is good for torrents/filesharing

    i can choose between laptop and Pc but i think pc is better or?
    also i wanted 2 know how many rams do i need 2 is enough?
    about the gigabeyts i was thinking to get myself 100Gb -> should i take more?
    about motherboards i have no fucking cloue
    soundcard hmm also a nice one or? if i wanted to listen the music loud
    the graphik card dont have to be the newest but mabey i wantet 2 play some shooter any idea wich one is good and not expensive
    if i forget something importen pleas tell me

    what i know deffently that i will use windos xp and not FUCKING VISTA

    thanks for your help g.

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    The most important thing you should take care of,when you make a ''downloading-uploading'' home computer,is the energy that is consuming.
    SO...if you want a pc only for torrents,rs,etc you simply make the less expensive and more friendly computer for your pocket.For example you avoid new tech gfx and stuff like that...
    Consider the fact that this pc must work 24/7 to keep ratio on hard to seed trackers,so keep in ming the energy that it will consume.

    Good luck.

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    Get the largest possible hard disc drive. A 100gig is for your C drive and for your D drive, get a 500gig. You need that much space if you want to seed back for a long time.


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    Agree, if you only need it for torrenting then huuuuge HD space and friendly OS.
    No worries about graphics card, sound card, etc. You only need space, connectivity and not so much RAM or the last processor.

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    plus u need a powerful motherboard with lots of fans on it so that it can handle pressure for hours while the pc is on 24/7

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    PC is a better option over a lap top as a pc is going to be better left on 24/7 where as a lap top is designed for shorter use and thus heat issues may be a factor.
    I would go for the best of every thing you can afford other than grafix and sound cards.
    Good mother boards these days have excellent built in sound so that negates the need for a sound card.
    Grafix cards at mid range are excellent and will be more than needed at current time.
    Storage space is a key factor and of course will be the main component needed for the pc, like mentioned above, I would go for a smaller drive for the os then a large drive for storage.
    PSU is always an under rated part of any pc but to me is the most important for a pc that runs 24/7 and is one of the few components that can be rated 2 ways which can be confusing. Both are given in watts as the power the difference being a good quality psu will give a true power reading and a cheap one will give a peak power reading which means the true power is usually about 50% of the peak power.
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    Large HD's of course

    I think an often overlooked part of the setup is a nice router! With all the simultaneous connections required by torrents and p2p, and good router is essential. May I suggest the wrt54gl by linksys and flash it with the 3rd party dd-wrt firmware.

    The GeForce 9500 I think is a pretty good video card chipset for the cost. I'm not an expert there, so shop around though


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    buy around 2 -3 1 TB hdds...and then buy a huge pipe
    i be lurking

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    2-3 TB? Hell no. Haven't you heard of DVD burners and DVD-Rs?

    I'll say 1TB at the most if you are too lazy to burn stuff. But seriously there is no need for 2-3TB unless you are running a server at home or something like that.

    Any crappy computer is fine for filesharing, just get 2 gigs of RAM and 3 if you run vista. For some reason bitorrent clients and usenet clients seem to eat memory, also if you do a lot of uncompressing that eats RAM and if you do a lot of uncompressing manually and feel that it takes a while, then get the fastes CPU you can afford.

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    1gb ram, 2tb disk space, xp, midrange mobo with whole bunch of fans, nice pipe.

    thanks for the help..

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