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Thread: Playing Ps1 Back Ups And Imports On Your Pc

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    Ok, here is quick tutorial of playing Back Ups and Imports on your PSONE.
    I've also included info on what you need to play PS1 games on your computer.

    There are allot of different modchips, and some other equipment for doing this.
    Although it just seemed easier to use a PS-X-Change 2

    Start the Boot Disc, wait for the message, insert Back Up or Import and press start on the remote.
    I have seen this at several sites all ranging between $20 and $30.

    Some games will not play since they are Pal instead of NTSC or for a variety of reasons.
    Though you could probably play those games on your computer I have found.
    Heres what you will need...

    1. Get an Emulator, the most current for PS1 games seems to be "ePSXe 1.6.0"
    which you can find at
    Bookmark this site for later as there are numerous addons at Aldo's site.
    Extract the zip file, and make a shortcut for "ePSXeLauncher.exe".
    Don't forget to remember the "epsxe160" folders location.
    2. You will need PSX Bios "SCPH1001.bin", this may be a little harder to find.
    I ran into allot of lost links looking for this, you can most likely find it on a p2p.
    Keep in mind to my understanding you must own a Play Station to have this file.
    Once you have got the file insert it into the "bios" folder in the "epsxe160" folder.
    If it helps, the file I've seen is 512K, the zip is smaller and there may be others.
    3. Now you will need the "Plugins", you can get them at
    Seems the most current is "".
    Extract the files and place them into the "plugins" folder in the "epsx160" folder.
    4. Now start the shortcut you created for the "ePSXeLauncher.exe" file.

    Select the "Config" tab and the "Wizard Guide", this will walk you through the rest.

    Keep in mind certain plugins may work better with certain games or other factors.

    Right about now you should be saying "playing PS games on a keyboard sucks", I agree.
    What you'll need next is a USB to PS Controller adapter.
    You can get one at lik-sang and ztnetstore , or at other places for about $15 with shipping.
    Although you may find one locally, I found a KiKY at Fry's for $9.99.
    There is generally a driver disk to install, though some say they are plug and play with XP.
    Install the driver if needed, plug in the remote, then goto the "Wizard Guide" and select the buttons.

    Go to the the box of the button you wish to setup and click the same button on the remote.

    Now start your shortcut again and...
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    what do I put here? BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    this shoudl be pinned good thread

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    Yes, yes, great stuff ,
    Playing Capcom vs SNK at the moment. For slow computers, it's better to make an image of the game and then to play it, cause it's much faster.

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    ehh the bios lol i have it at my site...

    i have the emu n ad ones for it...

    after clicking enter >> click on roms in the flash >> then I AGREE >> psx >> and you shoudl see the links

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    Originally posted by Alucard1475@20 August 2003 - 03:34
    For slow computers, it's better to make an image of the game and then to play it, cause it's much faster.
    Agreed, I use Alcohol 120% with virtual drives, it loads faster than my PSONE for sure.

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    Most playstation emulators do not play backed up playstation images does this one?

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    Originally posted by Kap13@8 September 2003 - 21:40
    Most playstation emulators do not play backed up playstation images does this one?
    If your reffering to the ePSXe or the PS-X-Change 2, the answer to both is Yes.
    The ePSXe can handle imports as well, whereas the PS-X-Change 2 can't generally.

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    On your Hard Drive sooner or later (-o-)
    I like cracking and all but I gota ask..With the newer game units out there ,why are you still playing on the ps1.... I mean I understand holding on to game units for whatever reasons... I have ODDYSY 1 and ODDYSY 2 , ATari,Colleco,Intellevision,an Apple 2 clone,AMiga 500,Turbo graffix 16,Sega Genesis,Playstion 1, a pentium 486, a pentium 90 , a pentium 3- 450 . Now with all that crap put together you couldn't have the fun you could have on a ps2 or newer pc on the high end. So why waist money and time on something so old I guess is the question I have. I mean could you not be cracking ps2 just as easily?

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    Nice thread Reality i found it very informative,thanks.

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    Nothing to do with backups, but has anyone tried running proper "bought" games with the emulator (inserting the cd into your cd-rom). I cant get Need for speed III to work. Going to try my other psx games tomorrow.

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