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Thread: Friendly giveaway.

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    ya it's true it is a friendly giveaway.

    Guys i'm giving it away a PTN invite here in FST, As i have got so much from here.

    To get an invite from me it is very easy, as i know what struggle i have made it for getting invite.

    It is very simple, firstly u need to be atleast a member for 1 year or more from here.

    Secondly, u must have atleast 365 posts and some reputation.

    Thirdly, u must be more active in Bittorrent forums(not in bittorrent invites forum).

    Lastly, u must promise me not to cheat, as PTN is a ratio-free tracker, it doesnt tolearate any kind of ratio cheating, and guys who are noobs with seedbox plz stay away, ur mistake will ban u and as well me.

    Note: CHEATERS and SCAMMERS will not be entertained.

    one extra point:
    the selection process is:
    i will choose the winner according to how he convinces me that he will not be a cheater and a good user and for that requirements are above as stated.
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    punjabimunda's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    Jul 2007
    Mate thanks great giveway. I dont have a great story. The truth is that i just need a good jack-of-all-trates tracker to replace revtt and tti. I have never been able to get above level 3 trackers because i dont have any computer knowledgable friends, so i would really love to have access to it. Thanks


    Right now capture just for u:

    By punjabimunda

    By punjabimunda

    (july 18)

    By punjabimunda

    By punjabimunda
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    panoli's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +6BT Rep +6
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    can i have it please i have been looking for this from very long time. i promise to matin a ratio of one fr every torrent i download. i have helped lots of people find movies and things in FST.


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