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    Since installing Tor I have not been able to access TheBox reliably. Mostly I get:

    Connection Interrupted

    The document contains no data.

    The network link was interrupted while negotiating a connection. Please try again

    Occasionally I get the home page but no further.

    Note that this happens both when accessing the site via the Tor proxy or using a direct Internet connection.

    I am using Firefox as browser and FoxyProxy to switch between proxy and direct modes.

    I would be grateful for any ideas.



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    But why would they block a direct connection, that is, no proxy?


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    Have you checked box: let tor use my connection (or something like that)?
    If you did your ip has been added to tor nodes list. Just uncheck this box and your ip will be removed from this list. It may take some time though.

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    Thanks fisz, but I am not sure what check box you are talking about. Is this a Tor configuration, something at, network parameter?



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    From FAQ:

    Why can't I use a proxy on your site?

    It is our policy not to allow new accounts to be opened from behind a proxy. Any account found using a proxy to mask real ips (this includes TOR proxies) will be disabled and banned.

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    Thank you n00b.

    Dumb policy. And no reason given for the policy.




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