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Thread: ۞۞۞ My ۞ Second ۞ REQ ۞ PTN ۞۞۞

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    Who are you ?
    I'm Person from the earth living in my house, trying to live in peace.

    What Do You Need ?

    Why Do You Need It ?
    First of all, I love to see movies in Xvid format, and also I have great collection of movies about 200 . I heard that Ptn is the great Movies tracker when compare to all the other websites, it has great community and very nice staff without forgetting the speed and great pretime, Moreover the cool thing is the Ratio System, that is why I'm "straggling" for long time to join this community. I've been trying to register in this tracker for ages but sign ups never seemed to open up.

    Your Proofs ?
    I always try to upload more than I download, because I can't find much torrents to download that interests me. I will definitely maintain the good ratio that won't be an issue.

    I'd really appreciate an invite if any of you guys can spare one. I'm sure here on FST, there are a lot of generous people because, I witness that In the REQ and GA, so please help my friends and thanks in advance.

    Who knows!! Whether I get the Invite or not, Good Luck to All.

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