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Thread: Explain To Me Bittorent

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    i just have a few questions

    1. What p2p programs support bittorent?

    2. Why does it seem there are a million of small bittorent sites, is there also one big one?

    3. Bittorent it just verified files like k-sig correct?

    Did not see the pinned topic sorry[B][I]

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    1. shareaza supports bittorent files, as do all of the bittorent consoles

    2. there are a few larger bitt sites, like Suprnova and filesoup

    3. bittorent sites let you download a file which is kind of like a hash, called a "torrent" file. you download the torrent file to your computer, then use a bittorent download manager to use the torrent file to download the full file to your computer
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    I&#39;ll help. Bittorrent is like a network. The network is called a tracker. This stores all the ip address of people who are downloading and uploading. The .torrent file is the address to the tracker and the hash (to find out what file you want to download) The tracker then points you to the people who are downloading and uploading.

    The torrents are always the same, because all they contain is a hash and the trackers address.

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    You know, i find this hilarious, i come to this part of the forum and see a topic called "explain to me bittorent". and directly above this is a pinned topic called "guide to bit torrent". come on now&#33; open them things you got called eyes&#33;

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    what is the best site for bittorent?

    also is bittorent and shareaza being watched by the riaa like kazaa is?


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