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Thread: The Sims Deluxe Edition - Iso Or Bin/cue

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    I want The Sims Deluxe Edition in a CD image. No cracked programs because they never let some goodies work. If you have, or know where i could get this, i would greatly appreciate it if you told me.

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    Hey, they have all 7 games on u need bittorrent if u never been there to download the file sizes is about 5000mb and if u get it post a hash for the first one for me.

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    thanks, but i dont wanna dl 5 gig of stuff, i just want a cd image of deluxe... come on, im sure SOMEONE has it!!

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    Have you tried eMule?
    I don't have the file myself (used to have all EPs till Unleashed), but you should be able to get it off that. You can find most programs off that!

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    hey, thanks!
    where can i get emule?
    BTW, Im the same guy as lVlercury, just forgot the password to that one, actually, i forgot i had that account


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