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Thread: REQ btmtv

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    I know, I know.....missed it,, can anyone help me out, I think it may not be too much trouble if someone just maybe sighnup spare acc?, oh well.
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    Maybe it was your fate for you to miss the open signups, or even a higher power that orchestrated your untimely absence during BMTV's open signups. I may be cocky but I sure won't get in a way of something like that.

    they didn't built Rome in one day

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    stay more time online and you will get in

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    Who knows, someone may have one to give away.

    PM sent.

    But it is not working.
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    open registration there is closed for now. They said it was a one-time deal to get some fresh members into the site. it was over 3 years since the last open signup, and I wouldn't hold my breath that it'll happen again soon considering the number of people who already were caught cheating and opening more than one account during this open registration. seeing as how you're now asking for someone to give you their spare account, I'm kind of glad you didn't get in.


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