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Thread: SaveTheCoratee Giveaway

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    erunestian's Avatar Darkness and Wonder BT Rep: +19BT Rep +19BT Rep +19BT Rep +19
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    APPLE Tracker ---> I still have 4 remaining invites for SaveTheCoratee... I think this will be the new home for BrokenStones users because as some of us know Vortex Network has now a much wider purpose than being an apple tracker, a purpose you might not want to be part of. See this for info about Vortex Network:

    So the rules are:

    1) No traders.
    2) Show me some stats from other trackers so that I know that you can maintain a good ratio.
    3) No tracker collectors, ask for this invite only if you need a tracker which has apple content.
    4) First come, first served.

    Good bye!
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    integral's Avatar No surprises. BT Rep: +4
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    Great giveaway, I'm glad to see that people are being generous with invites early on. Hopefully we won't have another RachelFaith episode, and we'll have a real replacement for a good tracker.

    Good luck giving it to the right people.

    they didn't built Rome in one day

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    Great giveaway. This should be an interesting site based on the interview process!
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    erunestian's Avatar Darkness and Wonder BT Rep: +19BT Rep +19BT Rep +19BT Rep +19
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    Yes, they're really careful who they invite... I'm careful too.


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