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Thread: this deal uk isp's have signed to fight piracy...

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    I know it has been posted in the news section so i won't go into great detail, but the top 6 isps in the uk plan to unite in an effort to decrease illegal movie and music downloads. the first step being to post letters to hundreds and thousands of members suspected of downloading illegal material to warn them.

    i have read many reports on this and think the key phrase in every report is suspected of downloading. surley they even know or they don't i presume most heavey users will be sent a letter in the hope that if they are downloading illegally the letter will be enough to make them stop.

    when this was first brought about a few months ago a uk newspaper reported that isps would be powerless to prevent users as they are only supplying a service and used the example that although the royalmail deliver you parcels/letters it doesn't give them the right to open them and look inside.

    Do isp's actually know the exact files their members are downloading from the internet and also is there more of an advantage using private torrent sites in this situation agianst public and and other programs such as limewire
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    I used to have prodigy internet and downloaded a lot of porn. When I went to cancel it, the lady asked why I'm cancelling since it appears I'm enjoying it. To this day I wonder if that lady had records of my porn downloads considering she said "I'm enjoying it."

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    that is absolutely wonderful. im glad to see the isp's are taking charge and getting their balls back.

    the concept of a letter being mailed out is kinda weak though


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