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Thread: Any audio trackers that have a category for eAAC+?

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    I'm a member on many trackers but I've noticed that none of them, from what I have noticed, make a category for eAAC+. Why is this? I'm currently encoding my music to this format as it saves space and is a very good codec. I just feel FLAC and 320kb mp3 are overkill for the bandwidth. Shame I can't get any higher than 1Mb. :/ Does anyone know of any trackers that allow for people to look for audio files encoded in eAAC+?

    Big apologies if this is a seriously noob question. Help will be much appreciated!

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    whats eAAC+?
    Pimpn aint easy

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    High Efficiency AAC (HE-AAC) is a lossy data compression scheme for digital audio. It is an extension of Low Complexity AAC (AAC LC) optimized for low-bitrate applications such as streaming audio. HE-AAC version 1 (HE-AAC v1) uses Spectral Band Replication (SBR) to enhance the compression efficiency in the frequency domain. HE-AAC version 2 (HE-AAC v2) couples SBR with Parametric Stereo (PS) to enhance the compression efficiency of stereo signals.

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    It's not a very popular format as far as tracker owners and their members are concerned. If it starts to get more praise (which it should) then you'll start to see it more, and trackers will start to ask for this format more. Sorta like flac. For awhile flac was virtually unheard of and unpopular, then word of mouth and quality of the format got out, spread on, and now is one of the most popular format today. My advice is to give it some time to catch on if it ever does.

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