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Thread: Emule

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    how do you search for more sources in the transfer window like kazaa?

    thanks in advance

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    You don't. You go to the search pane.

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    emule will automatically check for new/more sources every couple of minutes.
    It checks to see there are any of your files at a server, before proceeding onto the next servers. Just need to be patient.

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    you need to be VERY patient when using the ed2k network...
    and leaving your client on for a few days in a row is the only way you'll ever finish your download...

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    another thing to keep in mind, is that having a lot of downloads at once increases your speed a lot. if i have a lot going i can get almost 20kbps on just a couple of the downloads, whereas, by themselves -- maybe 2kbps

    having a lot of d/l's can max out ur speed


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