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Thread: Xp Like Visual Styles

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    The Bear
    Is there anything which allows the use of XP styled themes on a previous version of Windows?

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    Google it.
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    The Bear
    So this would work on Win ME?

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    if you want an xp look why dont you download and install xp? me has gotta be the worst/most unstable version of windows microsoft has ever released, you would be better off with 98( but not much better tho ) but if you like blue screens and still want xp styling then styleXP will do it for ya

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    Unfortunately, StyleXP is called so because it's known to only work as intended on WinXP.

    If you wanted an XP look, I'd recommend WindowBlinds - It works on practically any windows post-95, and there should be a few themes imitating the Luna theme at

    Don't get me wrong though - IMO WindowBlinds is owned by StyleXP when we're talking about styling WinXP

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    The Bear
    I already have XP but it doesn't work properly now. I installed all the latest patches for it. The one for the RCP failure, the MS Blaster one etc. and they had no effect at all. So I've returned to ME.
    By the way, is 2000 any good?

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    Originally posted by clocker@20 August 2003 - 06:42
    Google it.
    It was my interpretation that StyleXP is an "XP"-only program that allows for the use of unsigned XP visual theme files?

    I agree that Stardock's WindowBlinds is, what I believe, that would be better suited for non-XP users. You can download from WinCustomize.Com decently enough with a keygen being readily available from Kazaa. If you have trouble locating it, you can PM me. I believe that I have one for either version 4.0 or 4.1. However any version greater than 3.0 will be more than adequate to run the themes found from WC.

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    yeh you right oops my mistake windowblinds it is

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    I thank you all for your help. I thought these great skinning programs were only available to Win XP users, but you have shown me the error of my ways. Thank you.

    This may be a stupid question, but do yuo think Cursor XP would work on ME, or is it the same case as Style XP?


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