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Thread: Wii game tracker

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    I'm looking for a good tracker to grab some wii games from. Obviously, it doesn't have to be exclusively wii games... just... a good selection of them. Please, only list sites that I or someone else looking for this would have a reasonable expectation of getting into (ie, no great sites that it's impossible to get an invite to). Anybody able to help me out? Thanks.

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    may also be able to ntorrents invite in invite section

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    The Seedman
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    BCG is the best tracker for games. But bitGAMER is a great alternative and is very easy to get an invite to. If you can't find any bitGAMER invites, just PM me- I'd be more than happy to hook you up.

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    Well i have just told him we are having a giveaway for BCG, does not mean he will get in, but he can at least give it a go.

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    BlackCats Has a great selection of games. UnderGroundGamer is the best for classic and old school games. Bitgamer is decent and good if you need a games site quickly but BlackCats is the best overall.

    Also,Please use the search next time.

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    Visted to nTorrent!

    and, Need to Invitaion!
    Join to Bittalk? Send to PM <3

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    If you can't get into BCG, then I would bitrefinery is the next best gaming tracker. Then bitGamer.

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    ntorrents ultimate nintendo tracker, a must have for wii owners
    bcg hands down the best game tracker for all games
    tl tonns of wii games
    revtt ditto

    you gotta get the laser gun and try out "ghost squad"

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    Go for BCG u cant go wrong there

    The Chase is Better than the Catch

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