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Thread: Cartoon Chaos help

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    deleted cookies on my pc and lost auto log in to this site. What i thought was my password does not work. i have tried to recover my password but it says my email is not in their database, yet i still get emails to that address about updates etc and i am stil currently seeding files there.

    i have tried replying to these email but thet come back undelivered.

    does anyone know if they have an irc channel and if so what it is, or if you can help in any other way it would be much appreciated


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    IRC Server =
    join #cartoonchaos

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    Send me your old records , i can change your password for you as i own the site , if don't want to , just rejoin but make sure you send me a pm on site so i can pop a note on it that your not a dupe account

    We have re-opened site for signup so get in before i change my mind

    cuds at

    The forum is smf it is external but intergrated thats why , you should be able to still use the forum as it stores the info , the site is due to you either being pruned as hadn't logged back in once in 4 weeks or yes you forgot your password , so send me a email and i will sort it for you
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