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Thread: Is it possible to make outlook default sent mailbox the added generic one?

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    I have the two user accounts setup in my outlook.

    1. Personal account
    2. Generic mail box

    1 and 2 both uses the Exchange server

    However, When I want to send mail using outlook there is a option as From field and if I enter 2 option(Generic mail box email ID) for my Group it sends using that email account. This way all the mails will go from generic mail box but they are stored in my personal sent items.

    If I don't put anything in the from field it will take the Personal account as default. and the mails will be stored in personal sent items...

    Howeve, if I use the mail merge feature to send mails using outlook or winword(Microsot document.. I don't have the option to enter the generic mail box automated... it always using my personal folder i.e 1...

    Is there is any way I can use or change the Generic mail box in from field and mails are still be stored in sent items of personal folder...Note.. I don't want to store the emails in Generic email box sent items..

    Can anyone help me to fix this...

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    Unless you use the From field, mail is sent from the address recorded as the account's email address.

    However, AFAIK this is NOT used for any purpose when retrieving the mail so you can set the email address shown in both accounts to the Generic address. That way, sent mail is always stored in the correct folder.

    The only thing I'm not sure of with that scenario is the fact that you are using Exchange. It would be typical of M$ to screw that up.
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    I heard about not bad application-fix outlook, can be work with damage data in Microsoft Outlook, possible it may recover corrupted contacts with are sharing it, also do something read (detect and recover) data from the selected *.pst file, work with storing emails, business and personal contacts, as well as other important information, such as appointments, tasks and notes.


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