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Thread: Okay I Have Burnt The Bin And Cue Now What

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    yeah back to the age old topic i have burnthe cue and bin and the game still doesn't play when i open the file just shows the cue and bin i thought the game was supposed to play pliz help an ignorant brotha out am new to computers

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    New to computers? Then youve got no chance m8, sorry

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    oh no chance shut the eff up bitch new means to this bin and cue stuff so if you have no answer put your tongue back in your ass and move on

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    Put my toung in my ass? Weirdo

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    yeah since your reply was homo based so put it back and go back to mardi gras am hetero i don't like your kind

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    You Better Keep In Mind That I Can Read Between The Lines

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    zambian...u burned it rong....if u use nero close the wizard first and then go to FILE>BURN IMAGE>then find ur cue file and BurN!! easy as 1,2,3...

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    oh for real i used roxio thanks anyway

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    Maybe you should be a bit more grateful to the forum-goers? You're a bit hot off the handle...

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    okay i did everything now the game wasin the process of installation and poooof!!! catatrosphic game failure i think the splinter cell files are corrupt so fuck it is there anything to fix this a program or sumthin coz i

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