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Thread: REQ] a good italian tracker such as bitvault

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    I am requesting any Italian tracker that you guys have especially bitvault to replace my colombo account

    the sites i know of are bitvault, Amici del Muretto, and tntvillage (i think) but any good one that I don't know would be great, I'm basically just looking for italian music and some films that are hard to find on the english sites

    the bullshit is i can't offer anything at the moment because demonoid and waffles invites are closed, and i don't have any invites at sct (those are my only 3 trackers)

    thank you

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    lingua straniera Ŕ roba muti

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    ma cosa te ne fai di un tracker italiano???viaggi con velocita di ... e poi non trovi tutte le novita che ci sono sull mercato

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    i don't know... colombo had a much better variety of italian stuff then any other tracker i had seen... and im not sure if i can talk italian here (on my other forum its not allowed) so ill just keep it english

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    Hi there. Since you are (almost) italian, maybe you can tell if there are any trackers wiht DVDs of Pierino movies? And if such DVDs does exist in some trackers, maybe you could spare an invite?

    Grazzie and regards.

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    ank`io sto cercando un tracker italiano... per la comunitÓ, ma non ho trovato niente. Forse ci sono troppo pochi trackeri in Italia..

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