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Thread: Freddy Vs Jason On Other P2ps

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    How do guys and gals,

    I just wanted 2 know, have u came across a real version of Freddy vs Jason on other P2P&#39;s IE emule, Shareeza <---------- ( wot ever the fuck it&#39;s called ) ...

    Just asking asking...

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    it&#39;s ALL OVER mIRC and Bit Torrent
    doesn&#39;t matter what it&#39;s called all files are real

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    on emule jus type in DaDuck on global search
    the TCR encode is on ther

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    The guy that doesnt post
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    Nov 2002
    yeah.. i got it off suprnova.. the tcr encode... they have some other encodes too.. like daduck&#39;s tcr divx... theres something called Mvcd.. supposedly its a vcd version that fits on 1 cd... havent tried it... get pretty good speed cuz theres like 100s of seeds


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