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Thread: Testing For Faults

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    come someone help me with my problem, i download a good quality movie and when i think every think is dandy, i burn the movie and the quality comes out great, but then sometimes there is a fault on it and then it all goes funny and cant watch it anymore. my question is :

    does anybody know if there is a way that you can test the movies for faults before you burn them and if there is a way you can repair them, so i dont keep waisting discs, how does every one else deal with this problem ? someone please help as i am at my witts end with it all

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    welcome to the bored, 1 thing to say, movies get curropt very easy and its harder to get a *perfect* ripp, ur best bet is to get virtual dub and learn it, goto places like and to learn bout fixing bad parts in the movie. u will lose some parts cuz we cant magically fix it all


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