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Thread: Software to make some videos

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    I want to make some video tutorials of some programs, and i was wondering, what's the programm that you recommend to make it...

    Thanks for your help

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    wat format do u want it in?

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    May be you will try to use Google it's really working

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    Windows movie maker should do fine for what you want. if you want more advanced features you might want to buy a subscription to or and watch their adobe premiere pro video training series.

    If you don't want to buy, search around and you'll get some nice copies of those video training series.

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    I can't say i've ever used it but is this the sort of thing you have in mind?

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    I use bbflashback from blueberry software for my screencasts , it's easy to use and offers some interresting editing options..... it's really good for flash or wmv format , but if your looking for something more " Pro " with advanced editing and production settings maybe you should take a look at Camtasia Studio 5.

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    I prefer to use Camtasia
    You will need a license key to use it after the 30 days trial though :-/

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    There's also a lot of freeware available. For example this one:

    In the end you'll have to decide what better fits your needs


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