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Thread: swedvdr any good?

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    Hello, everyone!

    Just a quick question:

    Could anyone fill me in about swedvdr? Is it any good? I like swebits
    and I only download DVD-r´s with swedish subs. Is it hard to get an
    account? Is it worth any trouble to get one?

    Ops, thats several quick questions... Oh, well.


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    It is very hard to get invite / account. New accounts need also nordic IP address.

    That's all I can tell because I don't have account

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    Much better places to be asking that question if you are Swedish.

    Swebits for one, softmp3, there are loads of nordic sites that would give you a more informed answer, and would be much more helpful in your quest as well
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    i really like swedvdr. it's a really good and active community there so most torrents doesn't suffer from a lack of leechers. they currently have about 5500 torrents (only nordic pals). i've got the impression that swedvdr is better than swebits, but i'm not a member there myself so i can't tell for sure.

    is it worth the trouble? um, depends on how much you'd like being a member there, and i can't tell you the answer to that.

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    It's really good. Swebits has more torrents because it also has DivX, games etc. I guess both have all PAL stuff. Speeds are very fast. I think both are good. SweDVDR is most likely faster. If you have Swebits you don't need SweDVDR though.

    SweDVDR 5555 torrents
    Swebits 5665 torrents (TV and Movies DVD-Rs)

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    Hope it´s okay if I´m going swedish on you (it´s a swedish exclusive tracker, right?).

    Så, på swedvdr har de bara DVD-R alltså? Kunde nästan räkna ut det med
    tanke på namnet, i och för sig...

    Jag har hört att det ska vara bästa sidan om man är ute efter svenska
    DVD-R releaser. Jag undrade bara lite varför det stället anses bäst?
    Är det hastigheten, eller utbudet? På swebits kommer ju allt nytt
    relativt snabbt och jag maxar nästan alltid linan när jag drar hem nåt...

    Då kanske man lika gärna kan hålla sig till swebits, då eller?

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    if i'm not mistaking, only english language is allowed on the board. i won't bother going back to the rules page to verify, so i'll stick to it (even in this thread).

    yes swedvdr have only nordic pal dvdrs, meaning they have subtitles for the nordic countries. just like you're saying about swebits, the speeds and content at swedvdr is very good, and all new big titles gets uploaded when released there aswell.

    so apparently the main difference between the sites are that swedvdr are dedicated only to dvdrs, while swebits have other sections aswell. this dedication could (i don't really know since i'm not a member at swebits like i said) mean that swedvdr has some advantages when it comes to movies, like in finding tips of good new and older movies, etc.

    however saulin is obviously a member of both sites, so his opinion is probably more valid than mine. i can't tell you if you should pursue it and saulin thinks you shouldn't. don't let that stop you though if you for some reason thinks otherwise. if you still have any questions regarding swedvdr, i'll try to help
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    Okay, I´ll stick to English, then.

    Well, the only thing I download from swebits is dvdrs. I´m not interested in
    the swedish mainstream music scene or computer games translated into
    swedish. I guess some TV-shows slips through from time to time though,
    but that´s about it...

    Hm. I think I´ll try to get me an account at swedvdr, then. If there´s more
    movies there I might find some gold. By the way... Did you guys have any
    slick tips on how to get that accomplished? That would be much appreciated!

    (saulin, how did you get your membership?)

    Quote Originally Posted by saulin View Post
    If you have Swebits you don't need SweDVDR though.
    Missed that one. Is that so?

    //Thanks for all your nice responses
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    my best advice to you would be to take part and be active in the community at swebits (or maybe softmp3 if you're a member there?). if you use irc, that's a good way to get to know people. you have a fair chance that way. of course you shouldn't pretend and take part in discussions etc. if you're not at all interested in socializing with the community but are only doing it for an invite.


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