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Thread: Which Player Are You Using?

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    Which one do you use and which one is best for all types(avi.mpg....etc.) of movies?
    I have Windows Media, Intervideo Windvd and of course BS player!
    Also which one gives best functions and picture quality?


    OOOPS sorry posted in wrong place but unsure how to move it!

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    ur right about the wrong place thing, but you can't move it....unless your a mod. the place to do it is right here

    i currently use ati multimedia player. i personaly think it's better than windows media player, because it's faster loading, and it's supports more of the file types, without dling codecs for them.
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    I use BS Player 2 watch my movies

    BS Player is my personal fav

    I also use DivX and Windows Media Player

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    windows media player classic is the best player out there

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    bsplayer is good, this has been done 50 million times b4...

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    MIcroDVD player and BSplayer ......

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    Everyone is saying the player they use but give the reason why.
    I use WMP for XP because I can playback video in full screen AND pause,ffwd,rew,etc without exiting full screen.
    Is there another player that does this. If not there's no reason for me to switch.
    I would like one player that plays EVERY type of video.
    The current leaders all have drawbacks.

    JetAudio plays all codec pack codecs, Real, and QT (without having to use Alternatives) but I can't control it in full screen mode (I also don't like the jumbled interface too much). This player is as close to an all in one solution though.

    WMP for XP plays all codec pack codecs and can control it in full screen. I also like the interface. But it doesn't play Real or QT.

    MPC plays all codecs and with Real and QT Alternative plays those as well. I don't like the interface and there's no control in full screen.

    Alot of folks like BSPlayer but I really don't see the point in it.
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    i use windows media player classic . and it is my fav player.

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    I am currently having computer problems until Im able to upgrade my computer (which should be prettyo soon btw). Anyway windowes media player allways shut down after a while of playing, so I use Videolan as my standard player for video files. This player is awesome, so

    /fuck you Microsoft.

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