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Thread: Which private trackers have videos of live music?

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    Hey everyone. My question is two fold. I was a member on Oink, and overall I've really only been able to get on private trackers related to music/audio only. For years I've been wanting to know a private tracker that has live videos etc, mainly because most video & TV-related trackers seem to specifically disallow music-related files (why, I have no idea).

    Also, I'm not referring to any lossless music torrent sites, as I'm a longtime member on all of the major ones, and I'm not really including Demonoid either which barely qualifies as private. One site that always came up was MusicVids but I believe it was private when I found out about it and I was never able to get an invite. I think it's down right now anyway. So what are some private sites that would have any of that kind of content? One good guess would be any HD trackers, since there are a lot of live video files in HD these days, but anything less general would be great.

    The other part of my question is a little more specific. More recently, I've been made aware of a file or files that I'm looking for. Again I'm talking about live videos. I came across one person who posted a list of live videos they have, with tags like VFi, SRP, SRP_INT, and things of that nature. Some are from HDTV, others might be a DVDrip, and some might be from cam rips or webrips, but they all have those kinds of tags, and I believe they're all .mkv files. Is anyone a member of any private sites that have live videos such as those? I'd really appreciate any help, because it'd be much easier to track down a file or two, or get on a site myself, if I know what site(s) in specific that some of those files could have originated from.

    And for the record, I've scoured the internet and none of the files in question are available on places like Usenet, public torrent sites, and based on my own searching, IRC. I've also done lots of searching on private forum sites and places that host files on rapidshare/megaupload, but haven't found anything. Therefore, the only thing left is private torrent sites, which would also make sense as to why many of the files haven't spread around elsewhere.

    Much thanks and appreciation in advance for any help.
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    If you aren't able to get an invite into MusicVids, then I'd try to get an invite to a 0day torrent tracker. For example, on ScT, if you search in the Music/Videos category for "*live*", you'll get results such as:

    The Verve-Live at Rock Am Ring-x264-2008-mV4U

    Or you could try searching for the names of specific concerts/performances as well. But, I'd try asking friends or people you know well, or trust you, to try and get an invite to MusicVids.

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    trackers that specialize on live video/audio (=dvd/flac, lossy audio and divx/x264 rips are not here :/)

    Of course, on any of them there are more audience recordings than tv rips, but anyway, there are pretty much of both

    enjoy, all of them are free to sign up
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    Thanks a lot for the responses guys, I appreciate it. But I'm still looking for more answers if possible.

    For the post above, not to be ungrateful, but I did try to go out of my way to be clear. I've already been a member of all the major live lossless trackers for years, and in the topic title I specifically asked about private trackers, and I used the word 'private' in conjunction with every instance of 'tracker' or 'site' partially for that reason.
    Also, like you said, those trackers lack 'lossy' content, even if that's a little contradicting. Those formats aren't really lossy by definition, they're just containers, and can be higher quality than the DVD format which is limited to a certain resolution. Also, those sites are very heavily lacking when it comes to digital rips. In some cases a 'lossy' encode of a digital rip blows away a poor DVD version from analog standalone recorders. But I've been getting live DVD's for years,.. there's just simply way too much stuff out there that is never available in DVD format or on those kinds of trackers.

    Most of all though, in the 2nd half of my post I mentioned that I'm looking for some file/files in specific, with certain tags, that aren't available on any public trackers, websites/forums, usenet, or to the best of my knowledge, IRC. I believe all of the types of files in question are .mkv files, and like I said, they share the same kinds of tags. I'm wondering where these live video files are originating from, or what tracker(s) in specific if possible. As I said, they're not publically available anywhere on the 'net but obviously they come from somewhere. It was this part of my post in specific that I could use some more insight about. I really appreciate the recommendation of ScT, that's definitely very helpful, but also I think some of the tracker(s) I'm looking for might be a bit more exclusive, for instance I see those x264-mV4U files everywhere (usenet, torrents, etc) and I have many myself. The tags I mentioned before were tags like VFi and SRP. I'd be extremely appreciative for any help I could get. Surely there are plenty of people here who are members on such trackers. Thanks a lot in advance and many thanks for all of the advice/help so far. I really appreciate any response I get.

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    searching for VFi & SRP in Music Videos give 64 results here:


    i guess you know this place is easy to find
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    Depends on what genre you like. If it's punk, hardcore, or ska then nothing will outdo Kraytracker for live videos.
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    ziver, thanks much. Which tracker(s) are those from? It's possible it was mentioned already and I missed it. Thanks.

    T.S.O.L., thanks for the info.

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    Have you tried HDClub ( ?
    They have about 40 MDH Concerts and some MHD Clips..
    Im looking for more HD Concerts like that too.

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