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Thread: Bittorent Speeds

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    I have been using bittorent for a while. Whilst at first I would upload at 30k and download upto 80k.

    But all of a sudden I could not get better then 28k download and 30k upload no matter how many seeds there are.

    Tonight I decided to download the GUI bittorent where you can change your upload speed and how many users you upload too!

    Now comes the confussing part to me as I was under the impression that the more you allow for upload the faster your download will be!

    Yet I get the opposite! The less I allow to upload the better my download is.

    For example now I have 13k going up and 100k coming down?? I feel a bit mean about not sharing my full 30k up, but I get realy bad download speeds i.e 30k max normaly 20k down!

    Does anyone know why? I want to share more But what I will do to counteract it is leave my torrent open for longer after my download has finished at full speed

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    U can't download and upload at max anyway so if that 100/13 is fine as long as u seed when u get done

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    But before I could upload at 30 and download at 70? Now I cant all of a sudden

    Also a n00b question when you say seed..... you mean keep the torrent open so people can download from me? I think thats what you mean I do that for about an hour after at 10k a second

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    Yeah, I've never been too affected by the download:upload ratio.
    The reason for actually being able to download at higher speeds when you're uploading at lower speeds is explained here.

    As for BT, I don't think it really matters on more popular files. If I cap my upload I usually make up for it by checking the torrent with Torrentspy, and then seeding when required.

    And yep, leaving BT running after you've finished is seeding, it makes you feel all fuzzy inside.


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