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Thread: Anyone having trouble with General Error on utorrent wine?

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    I was randomly (It's completely random. For a week, I didn't even know of it, but suddenly, it appears and be forgotten. Then it returns on some random day) getting General Error on utorrent that is run by wine on debian.
    It just stops with saying general failure error. If I restart, it goes back to it's normal seeding or leeching.

    It isn't totally pain in the butt, but it isn't fun when you DL some FL pack torrents from one of the tracker and go to sleep believing it would be buffering your account like crazy over night but acutally waking up and seeing it was stopped at 10%, and you'll have to finish DL it to avoid Hit and Run .

    Anyway, I googled the problem and found that it is wine that is wrong. It seems like it's a problem in all wine versions. Or maybe, it's got to do with debian. When I get my next seedbox, I'll try to get ubentu or others to see if the problem continues.
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    Another application which does a far better job than Wine of running Win32 API's is Cross Over Office 6, this is the commercial app from Codeweavers and it will run utorrent far more smoothly. You need to have a Window Manager like KDE or Xfce etc running to use CXO , but apart from that it has far more support than Wine.



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