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Thread: REQ BTMusic

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    [This thread is closed. What.CD turned out to be an even better alternative]

    If I could get an invite to Pedro's BTMusic, it would be my dream come true. (As noted in my post I primarily do music torrents, and am a collector/uploader of FLACs. I currently use STMusic (5 of my 12 uploads are in FLAC format) for my music needs, but most torrents on there are not available in a lossless format. I am very capable of maintaining a good ratio and enjoy the community that good torrent trackers create. I realize I do not have BTRep yet, but that is only because the only invites I have to give are STMusic and Demonoid, which are so easy to obtain that no one has taken me up on my giveaways. If someone out there is kind enough to give me an invite to BTMusic, I would be very very thankful.

    Here are my favorite tracker screens, and a speedtest:
    [link removed]
    [link removed]
    [link removed]
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