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Thread: req tl

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    my tl acc has been steal,so i want somebody can help me ,i like this xvid tracker,中国加油,北京加油!
    also i go to they are IRC,but they dont thinks this is my acc,so please ,i just want shut down my zhaokuangyin acc,also want to request one tl inv,
    sorry my poor English!
    Last edited by zhaokuangyin; 08-11-2008 at 12:19 PM.

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    Why do you have 2 requests for the same tracker ?? lol . Is is double request to increase your chances ?? loool .
    Fuck Me ... I'm Famous Please don't Pm me for any sort of invites . Thanks

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    if you've already had an account noone will invite you again.. talk to the staff regarding the "theft" of your account instead.


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