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Thread: How Do I Allw Uploads?

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    Since I just read a post about some people being mad about others not allowing uploads, I figure maybe I can get an answer here. How do I ALLOW them?

    I am downloading ok, but I see no uploads at all, and I know that can't be right. Do I need to set a certain port on my firewall for Kazaa (as I had to do for WinMX)?

    Any info is appreciated as I agree with sharing and don't want to be a "leach" .

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    maybe people don't want the files that you're sharing. i have some good files but i very rarely have any uploads. they could have a hard time finding your files too if it's not on more than one person's computer (example: a file that you created or edited).

    don't worry about being called a leech. you're only a leech if you download from other people but don't let others download from you.

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    You're firewalled and probably running with a local LAN ip (192.168.x.x) to boot. That makes your connection even HARDER for others to find and download from -- so even if you HAVE many files many people want, they can't find you.

    Make Kazaa Lite++ unfirewalled via allowing it full access in your software firewall.
    And port-forward to Kazaa's used port on your router AND run KaNAT.

    Then you'll know for sure if it's just people don't want your files or people can't FIND your files. B)

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    Just make sure Disable sharing from other users in not checked.

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    I think its just the fact that no one wants the files you have?? maybe your not sharin gmany yet either ??

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    First, click "My Kazaa Lite++" on the tool bar and confirm audio
    files are in your "Audio" folder. Look down at the status bar
    located at the very bottom of the page. On the far right of the
    status bar it will indicate if you're sharing or not sharing.


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