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Thread: S-vidoe

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    Okay, i saw this in other topics but they wernt wut i was lookin' for..
    My vidoe card has this yellow capped thing... and a s-vidoe thing
    and my tv doesnt it just has one of those regular antenna thing

    i have a radioshack near my house but there so dumb they dont know wut im talking about. what do i need to buy to display my moniter onto my T.V.? and price please. thanks

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    Svid to RCA adaptor(Male SVID end I think to go into the card). in canadian, $5 to $25

    Plus a high quality RCA video cable set. up to $90 depending on length and quality. typically, right, left audio, and 1 video so three cables in one.

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    i hope it works with this big screen i got, i always thought that they has a svid thing too

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    it should

    proud to be american

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    this is g*y... its $19.99

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    Yes they're about $19.99, but for the quality. S-Vid is the only way to go for with Dvd, and watching movies that you dl.
    Only in a computer will I find happiness.

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    20 bucks, thats the price of a old old old old dvd, think bout it man, no more convertin to vcd and shyt, qaulty much better...

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    wait, a svideo to rca thing is $20


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