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Thread: Question About Cracks

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    I downloaded screenwriter 2000, and now I am in need of a short tutorial on how to apply the crack, or the make the necessary changes with the serial to get it run. The read me attached to the download was very vague.

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    hi there !
    applying cracks to ten different progs can be done ten different ways.
    what did the tutorial tell you to do ?
    more info is needed to help.

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    if it came with a .nfo file open it with notepad and there should be clearer instructions inside

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    He said he needs a tutorial so he can be able to crack it, not that he has read one.
    I will PM some sites where you may be able to find some cracks.

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    Looks like he has the crack but the author was not decisive enough in regard to how to apply the crack.

    For the most part cracks are pretty easy to apply unless you have to crack a multitude of files. In that case you hope that the actuall crack itself would do that for you instead of having to apply it to every file in the program manually.


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