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Thread: Baffled by 3D software

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    All these differnet 3D applications seem to have very similar capabilities. I'm trying to figure out what significant features each one has that others don't. If anybody is good with this, please let me know.

    We are working on a website for our organization. We are not professionals, but have experience with professional software. The organization is about real world city design. Creating the designs in 3D including the use of video gaming technology to simulate physics/environment of real world. Designing everything from city infrastructure, buildings, factories, vehicles, products/devices, furniture, etc. We are basically using industrial engineering techniques along with 3D technology to develop the best designs/graphics/physics for the most efficient cities.

    Wondering what differences/advantages each product has over the other if anybody has lots of experience with 3D engineering and game development.
    Civil 3D
    3DS Max
    Studio Tools

    Any other products that might be helpful. I wish there was one prodcut that does it all.

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    Bryce is a pretty good program.

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    there are rare cases when one program does all that you need... you will have to get a couple of them to do the job. Try going to a forum that specializes in 3d engineering, because there you'll have more chances to find someone who knows what they're talking about

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    Google Sketch up (easy)

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    There's a vast amount of information at the CG Society forums. They live and breathe this stuff and last time I poked around, the community was great. If nothing else, they have a great gallery.

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    being in computer animation myself and using a vast majority of 3d programs i can tell you this,
    It doepends on what you want to do. since Alias (makers of Maya) was bought out by autodesk (makers of 3D Studio Max) the programs will i'm sure blur together in the future. The main program used in movies is Maya, and for games its usually Max, although that is changing and Maya is becoming more popular in gaming studios.
    I use Maya daily and can tell you that it can do pretty much anyrthing you would want it to do. All 3d packages do have a steep earning surve though


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