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Thread: Problem Running Screenwriter 2000

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    I'm new to this site and I just successfully downloaded and installed Movie Magic Screenwriter 2000 (ver. 4). The instructions in Notepad from the file sharer said :

    "Replace 'scwriter32.exe' before running the program
    for the first time. " I didn't quite understand what that meant? Did s/he mean "rename"? What do I "replace" it with?

    Also, when you open the application after installation, it runs a eligibility verification on the web. I entered the access no. correctly, but I assumed any user name would do since there was no specific user name mentioned in the instructions, and now I'm unable to open the application.

    Does anyone have any ideas how to proceed from here? Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you,


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    What's this got to do with kazaa, the program? Moved >>


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