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Thread: Forms

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    when u make a form, is there snyway so people can attatch a pic with it? if yes, how? thx

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    wot u usin? word or notepad?

  4. Software & Hardware   -   #4 word or wordpad click insert on toolbar and then add object or picture it will then ask for where to go for pic, just browse to folder where pic is and select it. have you tried right clicking on pic, then copy, go to doc, right click again and then paste?

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    i mean forms as in the boxes were u log in 2 here, post this message etc. can i have i so u can attach a pic so wen u submit the form, it also sends a pic?

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    read the faqs and use the help feature, it will tell you all you need to know about the forum, posting etc etc

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    i dont mean on here. i have a site, with a new profile page and i was gonna put a box on so ppl cud send the files to me that way, instead of having to email them seperate

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    You would have to create some sort of database system via SQL and then to manipulate this data use PHP in conjunction with a form created with HTML.


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